Royals Logs 550 Miles Meeting with Voters, Discussing His Campaign to Send a Conservative Fighter to Congress 

GERMANTOWN, MD: Former Naval Flight Officer, combat aviator and Republican candidate for Congress Tom Royals has met with voters and campaigned in all five counties in Maryland’s sixth congressional district in the first two weeks since announcing his candidacy.

“From the D.C. suburbs of Montgomery County to Deep Creek Lake in Garrett County, I’m committed to fighting for the values and priorities of families across the entirety of Maryland’s Sixth Congressional District,” Royals said. “In my first two weeks as a candidate for Congress, I’ve been honored to meet so many incredible people from across Maryland’s Sixth District who agree we need a fighter in Washington to protect the rights of parents, restore safety in our communities, honor our veterans, and promote prosperity and opportunity.”

Here are some highlights of top issues Tom had the opportunity to discuss the events in all five counties: 


As a combat veteran Tom knows our service members make extraordinary sacrifices to keep us safe and the transition to civilian life is not an easy one. That is why it is so important to fix the ongoing issues such as doctor shortages and wait times within the VA. In Congress, Tom will make sure Maryland’s veterans have access to all the benefits they were promised and refuse to let government red tape get in the way.

In Allegany County, Tom spoke with fellow veterans about their experiences at the VA, and what our elected leaders can do to help ensure veterans have the care and support they have earned. 

Law Enforcement: 

As a father with young children, Tom knows the importance of keeping our communities safe and cracking down on rising crime. It’s clear there is a need to increase funding for local police departments so they can address staffing shortages and provide more training opportunities to keep communities safe, including placing school resource officers in our schools. 

In Frederick County, Tom thanked local law enforcement officials for their service and heard more about some of the challenges law enforcement face everyday at the Annual Frederick Sheriff’s Office National Night Out. 

Parental Rights: 

As a father, Tom knows parents have fundamental rights when it comes to their children’s education and health care. When parents send their children off to school in the morning, they deserve to know their student is getting the best education possible to set them up for success in the real world, free from an ideological agenda.

In Montgomery County, Tom addressed the MC Young Republicans club about the importance of protecting parents’ rights, especially in the education of their children.

Agriculture is one of the most important industries in Western Maryland. Tom understands the challenges these workers are facing due to the Biden Administration’s policies. Supply and equipment prices have skyrocketed under this administration. In Congress, Tom will support family farms and strong agriculture to create a stronger Maryland.

In Washington County, Tom spoke with local farmers and agricultural professionals at the Fair and AG Expo. 


Tom’s family, like millions of others around the country, have a budget and live within their means. Unfortunately, the cost of living and everyday essentials has skyrocketed in Maryland leaving families to make sacrifices hitting their wallets harder than ever before. In Congress, Tom will cut spending and lower middle-class taxes to create a more prosperous economy for all. 

In Garrett County, Tom spoke with voters about the burdens the Biden economy is putting on families at the gas pump and grocery store at the Garrett County Agricultural Fair.

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