Former Combat Aviator Tom Royals Raises Over $465,000 as Campaign to Send a Fighter to Congress Leads Entire GOP Field

Royals Raises Over $172,827 In First Quarter of 2024 Leading All Republican Primary Opponents

Germantown, MD – Former Naval Flight Officer and combat aviator Tom Royals, Republican candidate for U.S. Congress in Maryland’s Sixth Congressional District, announced he raised $172,827 in the first quarter of 2024 totaling $465,762 raised throughout the campaign and ended the quarter with nearly $100,000 cash-on-hand.

“Our campaign to send a fighter to Congress and roll back the dangerous open border, inflation fueling agenda of the Biden administration grows more and more each day” Royals said. “Cathleen and I are incredibly grateful to our supporters, volunteers, friends, and family who have supported my candidacy. Our unwavering commitment of service, faith, and country — combined with an unbreakable resolve to secure a better future for our children is why we’re in this race.”

“Maryland’s Sixth Congressional District is under attack from failed career politicians who’ve repeatedly let down the constituents they wish to represent,” said Royals’ Campaign Manager Brendan Duffy. “With so much on the line, we cannot afford to nominate candidates with a proven track record of losing. That is why hardworking families across Maryland’s 6th District are increasingly rallying around former combat aviator Tom Royals.”

Key Takeaways on Royals’ First Quarter Fundraising:

  • Campaign to-date Royals has raised more than $465,000 — $200,000 more than the closest candidate in Republican field.
  • Royals ended the first quarter with nearly $100,000 cash-on-hand.

MD-06 GOP Candidate Q1 Fundraising Totals (Total Raised To-Date)

  • Tom Royals: $172,827 Raised ($465,762 Total)
  • Neil Parrott: $141,700 Raised ($259,843 Total)
  • Dan Cox: $39,461 Raised ($107,466 Total)
  • Mariela Roca: $55,140 Raised ($221,029 Total) 
  • Chris Hyser: $7,966 Raised ($31,712 Total)
  • Brenda Thiam: $3,569 Raised ($16,853 Total) 

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