Former Combat Aviator Tom Royals Stands Out as Strongest Conservative Candidate in Hagerstown MD-06 Forum

Royals Wins Support of Seniors and Veterans Eager to Send a Fighter to Congress 

Hagerstown, M.D. – Former Naval Flight Officer and combat aviator Tom Royals, Republican candidate for U.S. Congress in Maryland’s Sixth Congressional District stood out as the strongest conservative candidate during a forum in Hagerstown, Maryland hosted by the Elder Group on Saturday afternoon. The forum in Washington County was the first time members of both the Republican and Democrat field took the stage together to discuss issues facing the veteran and senior community. 

“While other candidates decided to stay home, Tom Royals shared his plan to secure our southern border, cut wasteful government spending and ensure a safer, more prosperous future for every Maryland family.” said Royals for Congress campaign manager Brendan Duffy. “As a veteran who flew combat missions over Iraq and Afghanistan, Tom Royals stood out as the proven conservative fighter who will stand up for our veteran and senior communities to ensure they receive the care they’ve earned.”

After the forum, voters in the audience weighed in on Dan Cox, Neil Parrott and April McClain-Delaney staying at home:

“They should have been here participating.” Loraine Blaydes from Hagerstown said. “I think they have an obligation to let people know where they stand.”

Additionally, voters also weighed in on their support for Tom Royals: 

“I appreciated Tom’s military service and I believe he is the only one on the stage today who has the track-record and plan to secure a better future for my family.” Max Stephan from Frederick said. “I think our district needs a fighter, not another career politician.”

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