Republican Tom Royals Signs US Term Limits Pledge for a Constitutional Amendment

Former Combat Aviator & MD-06 Candidate Signs Term Limits Pledge to Put an End to Career Politicians.

Germantown, M.D. – Former Naval Flight Officer and combat aviator Tom Royals, Republican candidate for U.S. Congress in Maryland’s Sixth Congressional District, signed the United States Term Limits Pledge for a Constitutional Amendment on Monday. Afterwards he released the following statement. 

“America is under attack from career politicians who have made their wealth in Congress putting their focus above the people they represent,” said Tom Royals. “Our communities need a fighter who will take on the issues facing them and secure a better future for every Maryland family.” 

“The Founding Fathers of our nation did not envision a system where career politicians, out of touch with the issues facing their constituents, would have total control over the policies that impact those communities.” Royals added, “That is why I signed the US Term Limits pledge, because America needs more fighters and less career politicians.”

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