Tom Royals: David Trone Wants Every Community in Maryland to Feel Full Impact of the Biden Border Crisis

Trone’s Plan Would Incentivize More Illegal Immigration as Nation Struggles With Already Out-of-Control Border Crisis

GERMANTOWN, MD: Former combat aviator and Republican candidate for Congress in MD-06, Tom Royals released the following statement on Thursday following U.S. Rep. David Trone’s call to grant citizenship and voting rights to illegal immigrants.

“Maryland communities facing rising crime and a flood of lethal drugs are already under attack from the disastrous open borders agenda of Joe Biden and his left-wing allies like David Trone,” Royals said. “Trone’s irresponsible new plan would incentivize even more illegal crossings, further destabilize the border and ensure every community in Maryland would feel the full impact of the border crisis.”

“This senseless pandering to an extreme base further emphasizes the critical urgency of electing a fighter to represent Maryland’s sixth district who will stand for the safety and prosperity of our communities — and respect the rule of law.” Royals said. “When I get to Congress, I will secure the southern border, reinstate the Remain-in-Mexico policy, end catch-and-release and return every illegal immigrant back to where they came from to restore the rule of law and allow America to once again focus on welcoming legal immigrants who follow our laws and want to participate in building our country.”

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