Tom Royals: Trone Bought MD-06 for Nancy Pelosi, I Won’t Let April McClain-Delaney Buy it for Joe Biden

McClain-Delaney Would Be Rubber Stamp for Open Borders, Soft-on-Crime and Inflation-Fueling Biden Agenda

Germantown, M.D. – Republican candidate and former combat aviator Tom Royals released the following statement on Democrat and Biden Administration official April McClain-Delaney announcing a campaign for Maryland’s Sixth District.

“Maryland families are under attack, getting crushed by the Biden economy, facing rising crime in communities, losing control over the education of their children to bureaucrats,” Royals said. “David Trone bought this seat as a rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi, and now April McClain Delaney wants to do the same for Biden.”

“As the handpicked candidate of the Biden Administration, McClain-Delaney would be a rubber stamp for the open borders, soft-on-crime and inflation-fueling Biden agenda,” Royals added. “With so much on the line for Maryland families and the future of our nation, we cannot allow that to happen.”

“Maryland needs a fighter who will stand up for hardworking families and who has what it takes to win this race,” Royals added. “As a father and a veteran, I’m ready to take the values that guided me flying combat missions over Afghanistan and Iraq to fight for the commonsense conservative values of hardworking Maryland families and stop out-of-touch millionaire Democrats from imposing their disastrous agenda on our communities.”

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